Making images for me is all about following my heart, creative intuition, and having fun. Nothing is more creatively gratifying then taking a photograph that makes me feel good inside. My favorite subjects to photograph are children because they are uninhibited, curious, and carefree.  

My approach to shooting is being fluid and living within the moment. As a photojournalist for over 15 years, assignments have taken to me to many countries offering unique insights, experiences, and cross-cultural perspectives. Every culture has its own flow where I immerse myself to best capture what I am trying to photograph.  

My most gratiflying moments as a photographer are when I am in this flow because it is only a matter of time before a story begins to unfold or a timeless moment presents itself. Each wedding has its own flow and dynamic as well, which I approach spontaneously and unobstrusively with an open mind and heart.  

Every wedding is a new canvas where light, color, shadow, compostion, texture, mood, romance, and emotion are all elements I look for to best capture and tell the story of a wedding celebration.  

Wedding photography is a way for me to blend my passions for documentary, portraiture, and fine art photography. It is the beauty and emotions of weddings that inspire me to photograph each wedding in its own unique way and to make images that will provide lasting memories.